St. Anthony’s Italian Festival Wilmington, DE Dear Aaron, St. Anthony of Padua Festival 2007 in Wilmington, Delaware is now but a memory but I have to reiterate to you what an important part you played in the success of this year’s Festa. Your presence was a tremendous addition to the cultural palette of this year’s event. As chair of Il Circolo Culturale (the cultural venue) of La Festa, I have been pleased to recruit entertainers who would be examples of the rich tradition of beautiful music for which Italy is known. You were truly a sensation. Your final offering of “Nessun Dorma” had the audience jumping out of their seats. It was so gratifying for me to know that we brought to the public the beautiful music of Italy and most especially, introduced them to you. I had more people expressing their love of you, your voice, and y our musical offering than I could have ever imagined. Thank you. A fabulous time was had by all. we look forward to June, 2008. Sincerely, Jeanne Guaraldo, Chair Il Circolo Culturale” - Jeanne Guaraldo, Chair

— Il Circolo Culturale

Dear Aaron, I just spoke to the Furnari family. They’re still in a daze over your spectacular performance at the elegant wedding reception they gave for their daughter and new son-in-law. After two weeks since the event, they’re still getting a constant flow of rave reviews about the handsome, amazing singer who brought the house down! You were incredible, and gave the bride and groom and their families something they’ll never forget – music and entertainment that ensured the absolute success of a very high-profile party that they had planned for over a years. Along with the rest of the audience of over 450 guests, I was mesmerized the moment you began to sing. It was magical how you instantly had control of the room. You have that intrinsic quality few performers possess; it’s called magic – hard to define, impossible to understand, but instantly recognizable when it occurs. From your Andrea Bocelli, Sinatra interpretations, to the Italian Arias, and your outstanding original composition, your vocal virtuosity and command of the evening was impeccable. Thank you again for delivering the “best” to one of my very important clients. I’m very grateful and can’t wait until the next Aaron Caruso performance. Sincerely, Mel Ball President Mel Ball Entertainment/Events” - Mel Ball

— Mel Ball Entertainment/Events

I have been booking entertainers for over twenty-five years for Festa Italiana Milwaukee and this is the first year in having Aaron at our festival. In seeing his performance, and being so young, with a magnificent voice, having tremendous stage presence and yet having the crowd involved in his show, I was very impressed with his performance. His show was at 3:00 pm. After seeing his performance, I was so sorry that I didn’t have him headlining his stage. That will be corrected next year. For any festival that is looking for talent, I highly recommend Aaron Caruso because he is an upcoming future star in America, Sincerely, Paul Iannelli Executive Director Festa Italiana Milwaukee” - Paul Iannelli

— Festa Italiana Milwaukee

After having wowed audiences during the 2006 Festa Italiana, Aaron Caruso once again returned to entertain and delight the audiences in Milwaukee’s 2007 Festa and, once again, he proved himself to be vocally superb, extremely versatile and exceptionally charismatic. His voice was at once powerful, lush, lovely, and tender. His stage presence was awesome and his connection to the audience, young and old alike, male and female, was magical. We are looking forward to having Aaron Caruso grace our stage again at Festa Italiana 2008. Sincerely, Paul Iannelli Executive Director” - Paul Iannelli

— Festa Italiana Milwaukee

To say that Aaron Caruso was a resounding success at our 15th Annual Sicilian Festival in San Diego would be an understatement. Aaron’s performance was stellar and excited the audience to a level we have never experienced with any performer at our event thus far. The combination of his magnificent voice, his magnetic stage presence, his wit and humor, and his general lovable and sincere personality created a show that delighted the audience beyond expectation. Aaron also had to deal with an unprecedented, record-breaking heat wave in San Diego, much to our great disappointment. He adeptly pulled much of his adoring audience into the shade and managed to create an excitement among the crowd despite these adverse conditions. We would highly recommend Aaron for any upcoming Festivals, theatrical presentations, or one-man shows. He is a musician par excellance. Not only does he have a voice that recalls the great Mario Lanza, but he is also a highly accomplished pianist, actor, and comedian! There is no question we would highly recommend Aaron as one of the premiere Italian American entertainers and vocalists in the nation! Please feel free to contact us personally. We would be happy to speak to you regarding our experience with Aaron at our 15th Annual Sicilian Festa in San Diego on May 18, 2008. Auguri, Giovanna DiBona” - Giovanna DiBona

— San Diego Sicilian Festival

Dear Aaron, I would like to thank you for helping make our 21st annual Italian-American Festival a huge success. Your performances as always were very professional, exciting and entertaining. Your warm and friendly personality comes across to the audience who always respond with great enthusiasm and affection. Thank you for playing a large part of our 2007 festival success. Warmest regards, Sam Coletti Vice President Entertainment Chairman” - Sam Coletti


This letter is in reference to the Aaron Caruso, he has performed at our festival for the past eight (8) years, and is without a doubt the largest drawing act we have had. He has progressed tremendously over the course of the eight (8) year span. Aaron has charisma and stage presence of a polished entertainer, he welds his audience to their seats during the performance. Aaron often goes in to the audience and totally mesmerizes them, with his voice, charm, and good looks. For those who have not seen this great tenor, they truly are missing an extraordinary talent. Mac Comparetto Entertainment Chair Wellsville Italian Festival” - Mac Comparetto

— Wellsville Italian Festival

I am forwarding copies of the North Bay Nugget’s feature on Aaron and also copies of the ad we ran promoting our function and the evening’s program booklet. We were very pleased with the results, in fact with all the media coverage that was given, i.e. newspaper, TV, posters. Aaron’s performance at the Davedi Club on April 22, 2006 was amazing. He’s a great performer and the audience was captivated with his performance, this was evident as they gave him three standing ovations during the performance. His versatility in performing operatic numbers, Broadway hits, play the piano and interact with the audience added to an evening that one will not easily forget. Several positive complimentary comments from the people that attended and inquiries as to when are we inviting him back have become a daily occurrence. Our Italian “Club” community welcomed Aaron with open arms and we all look forward to having him once again grace the stage at the Davedi Club. Aaron, we thank you, for choosing the Davedi Club in North Bay, Ontario for your Canadian Premiere. We, “JAC Associates” are in the process of organizing a Northern Ontario Tour of all our Italian Clubs and are also checking out locations in Southern Ontario. The best is yet to come! Sincerely, Adele Williams Manager, Davedi Club” - Adele Williams, Manager

— Davedi Club