Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have been delaying writing anything about this musical because I didnt have any good pictures. Well, lo and behold, my dear friends Sandra and Forrest Blood made me a disk of some highlights from the show and I happily put them up on my photo page. I hope everyone likes them and I sincerely thank the Bloods (not the gang, but Sandra and Forrest) for their pictures. Thanks guys! The musical was a huge success with many standing ovations. I was honored to work with such talent such as Lou Pannacciulli and his wonderful orchestra the Nassau Pops. If you have a chance to hear them, please do yourself a favor and go. There is nothing like a beautiful live orchestra. They were all very nice people too. It turns out Lou is a first cousin of another friend of mine from Queens, Lou Aqualino. Small world. Anyway, it was also an honor to work with Sonny Grosso the famous movie/tv producer and of course Phil Ramone the great music producer. I have put links for both of these men in my links section. I also worked with an aggregation of talent that was second to none. Lou Martini, jr, Giada Valenti, Ryan Kelly, Julian Sage Miyata, Lou Moneta and Gayle Scott, Christina Luna, Don Catrone and of course Frank Pellegrino It was really an honor to work with all these great people. I look forward to continuing on this wonderful journey. Best to all. -Aaron

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