Hello Again!

Hello everybody and thank you for all your kind comments. I have to say "thank you" to Bob Dolfi and Damon Lanza for supporting me on their website. I don't think I know nicer people. Thank you too, to Marlene. I know she does so much as well. Also, any of you from the east coast, we just did an Italian radio show this morning where Bob and Damon were on the phone and they answered questions about Mario. I was in the studio and may I say when the emcee, John LaBarca mentioned Mario Lanza, the phone lines lit up like I'd never seen. There is still such a love for the man and his music. This whole thing for me is such a dream come true. I have read about countless tenors who were going to play Mario, etc, for years on the forums. I always said "someday, when the time is right, I'm going to come on the scene." It all happened so fast. May I say "thank you" to a great friend, Dominic Mantuano, who introduced me to Damon in NY amidst a great amount of confusion. When I met him, unlike so many tenors, he welcomed me with open arms. He sang at Patsy's and it was a very memorable performance. Thank you Dominic for being so kind. I wish you the best. What is there for any of us tenors to be jealous about if we really all want to promote the best interest of Mario? So many singers fall into that, but I have to say, Dominic certainly is not one of them. Thank you TO EVERYBODY for all the kind compliments on Bob and Damon's site and my site as well. I will record an english song shortly and put it on the site for everyone. Goodnight all.

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